The organic yarn, certified according to Global Organic Textile Standard GOTS, is a natural fiber that comes from an organic farming, whose stages of cultivation, harvesting and processing have been completed only with natural products. In the following stages to become the fabric we use in production, the weaving, the dyeing and the finishing, is not allowed any use of toxic dyes or heavy metals such as the nickel, sometimes used in the processes of dyeing and printing of traditional fabrics. The chemicals used in conventional processes, from carcinogens colors to heavy metals, give rise to textile products that tend to retain heat, not allowing the skin to correctly breathing, the consequences of which may be the onset of skin diseases and disorders of the epidermis. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification ensures the total absence of substances harmful to our skin and to the one more delicate of our children; every single element of the product certified under this standard shall have passed the stringent controls, therefore the labels as well as the embroidery yarns of our collections are a guarantee of safe for your health. The organic cotton we use in our production represents a vehicle for progress and innovation, for the protection of the environment in which we live, to value the land and its natural resources and to ensure that workers throughout the supply chain have optimum working conditions in full respect of their social rights.