Oliveri Home design each product as the result of extensive research of style and innovation to combine them into a new decorative language able to characterize the collections of the Maison with refinement and sophistication. Design is synonymous with artistic expression, as a fusion of fine yarns and design culture, unique elaboration of contemporary elegance. The linen draws from fashion, decor and tradition to express themselves in the most delicate and exemplary design works.

A tradition with ancient roots the art of needlework, born in the cloistered convents and monasteries before being handed down to the girls studying arts in women's conservatories. In the centuries this guaranteed the handing down of traditions and customs rooted in the history of Tuscany. Oliveri Home draws with dedication and respect to these traditions, to give them a new impetus through a modern key to styles and needs of a global consumer, conscious and sophisticated.

In our products Made in Italy is a mission more than a label, it is the unbreakable will to preserve an extraordinary heritage and transfer the Italian culture of quality and beauty to the global customers willing to surround themselves with the most excellent products.